About Us

The SF Cannabis Equity Working Group (SFCEWG) is a collective of Verified Equity Applicants (VEA) Equity Business Partners (EBP), consultants and other technical support specialist, that are passionate about creating pathways and resources to support the success of the creation and navigation of emerging Cannabis Equity Programs as well as supporting an equitable culture for communities impacted by the "Failed War on Drugs." Our guiding principles of care, compassion and community push us to exercise mindfulness in our advocacy & educational events.

Our objective is to ensure that the Equity Program thrives in San Francisco by providing the foundation and framework needed for success. That includes ensuring that our equity applicants have access to business training, good jobs, safe funding, and strategic partnerships, as well as making sure that equity incubator businesses are connected to the community through various community outreach programs.

The Original Equity Group (OEG) consist of the following 5 members from the SFCEWG who are implementing Equity Sessions, a 6 workshop educational series for SF Equity Applicants, future incubators and business partners.

Nina Parks, Nina Parks Consulting
Leslie Valencia, Cannabis Equity
Brandon Brown, Founder of CDXX Retail Equity Applicant, High Bridge
Ramon Garcia Social Justice/Equity Chair CGA
Edward Brown, Cannabis Events